Technology is rapidly evolving. Today we offer our clients more than just traditional networking solutions. The future is all about mobility, localization services, software-defined networks, and analytics. IoT has changed the way we look at IT, and that is why technology has been all the more integrated with industry in recent years. Nowadays every business, bank, or hospital needs WiFi. Since WiFi allows us to interconnect everything and everywhere, the issue of security and network access control has become all the more important. Today WiFi is not just a transmission medium. It brings an added value to businesses in the form of a wide range of data analytics. A new era of technology is coming, in which IT will directly help your business to achieve its business goals. Don’t miss out on this moment. Be part of it!

Our offer

Software-defined networking

IT technologies are an integral part of every process in all organizations. The complexity of communication systems is increasing, and infrastructure changes are all the more dynamic. The answer to this challenge is a software-defined network (SDx). Essentially, it decouples network control from data traffic as well as network functionality from hardware. This allows us to make an evolutionary leap from configuring rules for each specific device to defining the rules and then applying them from a single place (the orchestrator). Combining this with well-defined security rules, we can build easy-to-understand and easy-to-operate solutions in a complex enterprise environment for our customers.


The era of wireless WiFi communication is in full swing. User mobility, data availability, and information-sharing requirements have become commonplace. Localization and data collection, evaluation, and use for marketing purposes offer additional opportunities for advanced services and added value creation. However, with all its benefits, WiFi communication also brings challenges in terms of security and the implementation and management of devices and infrastructure.

Solutions for industry

Industrial systems are no longer separate islands. On the contrary, the era of cheap sensors has made it possible to generate data in every step of the production process. By analysing the data, we can now make the manufacturing process more economical, efficient, and secure. However, to be able to harness this power, we need to transmit, store, protect, and process the data. And this is exactly what we are good at. We know that for industrial applications we need to find solutions and devices that are even more robust and often support very specific industry protocols. These solutions must simply be creative, just like the people we design them for.

Network and application security

Application security offers protection for web applications and greatly helps to protect sensitive data against loss or damage. Network access management and control based on a wider context contribute to minimizing potential network abuse threats and provide end users with consistent and secure wired, wireless, or VPN network access.


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Management, monitoring, and auditing

With communication infrastructure growing in complexity, there is an ever greater need for inventory and audit tools or smart network management with automation and analytics components. An important factor in choosing a solution is the clarity and ease of administration, setup, and problem solving. A centralized form of management, respecting different types of devices and their mutual connection, is a matter of course.

Cabling systems

Do you need a signal network tailored to a specific technology, such as CCTV, security, fire alarm PA system, sound system, television or projection? Or perhaps a power cabling system including the necessary engineering and technical support? We will fully connect your newly built sites, including lighting, cooling and air conditioning. Of course, including the required level of failure protection. Leave the design and installation of your structured cabling systems to us. We will use trusted brands and solutions, meet your transmission capacity requirements and guarantee future-proofing of your system for the use of future protocols.

Why Soitron?

  • We are a strong player in the IT technology market with a rich and nearly thirty-year history of providing standard network solutions.
  • Our people are our greatest added value. We pride ourselves on providing the best training to our staff, resulting in the highest individual and corporate certifications. We encourage our IT specialists to be interested in new networking technologies and trends.
  • We have implemented hundreds of innovative projects, transforming our experience into the quality we offer to our customers.
  • We partner with major global vendors to continue to provide our customers with the best and latest technology. For many years, we have had top-level partnerships with vendors.
  • The proof of the quality of our work is the satisfied customers we have been growing with for decades.


The reliable and secure communication solution is the key element to maximize the utilization of available production capacities and securing the needs of our customers by providing stable internal logistics of goods. The deployed technology has definitely contributed to improve the company’s operational processes.
Jaroslav Jaroš
Mondi SCP, IT Manager

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