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Data is often the most valuable asset of a company and that is why it becomes the target of various hackers and crackers. Constant technological progress increases the dependence of companies on information technologies. Companies need to secure their data ever more to preserve its confidentiality, integrity as well as availability. Experience has shown that partial protection of some systems is not effective enough and it is also more expensive than a comprehensive approach to security. In Soitron we think that the best protection is prevention. We offer comprehensive security solutions from physical site security, to technological protection of network infrastructure, to system and appliation security.

Our solutions

Risk management support system

Successful implementation of risk management systems requires the involvement of company management. Security and IT risk management is a process that needs constant evaluation and improvement. These systems must be a part of business processes of the company. (ISO/IEC 27005:2011, ISO/IEC 27001:2014)

NBA – Network Behaviour Anomaly Detection

NBA software solutions check activities happening directly in the network and clearly identify any anomalies which may indicate a threat (malware detection). NBA software solutions save time which would be needed for IT administrators to localize and solve problems in the network.

SIEM – Security infomration and event management

It is a tool that can help you to get an overview of the company’s infrastructure, monitor events happening in the company as well as store and analyse acquired data. Making decisions about company’s further infrastructure development can be easier for your managers and IT specialists thanks to this tool.

Application protection and optimization

Providing web portals and various B2B online services is an effective tool for communication with clients and business partners. For many companies it is crucial for their existence to provide availability of these services, quick access to information as well as data confidentiality and integrity. For this purpose we implement fully reverse proxy solutions with web application firewall, two-factor authentication and dedicated HSM modules.

Application-level gateway

Application-level gateways effectively protect primary communication channels of every company. Companies cannot enforce and check compliance with the defined security policy without appropriate technological equipment. We protect e-mails against unsolicited messages and malware by means of advanced anti-spam solutions. For Internet access we implement proxy solutions that can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure and do not limit employee productivity.

DLP – Data Leakage Protection

It is necessary to protect sensitive data not only against external attacks but also against unauthorized insider handling. DLP systems check communication channels such as email, webmail, ftp, http etc. as well as servers and workstations and this way protect them against leakage of valuable information.

Infrastructure Hardening

It is also possible to achieve a substantial increase of security by means of suitable network design and appropriate application of network elements. Network hardening offers significant and cost-effective strengthening of security on network level by means of existing active elements.

Consulting services

Thanks to our long-time experience with security systems we can also help our customers with providing consultations. In our advisory services we take into account the latest trends, current needs of customers as well as the condition of their IT infrastructure. We lay emphasis on added value when optimizing the design of solution in a particular situation.

Why Soitron?

  • As system integrators we have operated for 25 years in various fields of IT business which we know well. Our experience with designing, implementation and support of various technological solutions is the best prerequisite for effective and complex implementation of security in your organization.
  • We offer constant support to our customers. In our designs of security projects, we make sure you do not become a victim of your own overdesigned security measures. We try hard to design solutions that work in accordance with your infrastructure and help your company to function flawlessly by means of synergy.

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