Data is often the most valuable asset of a company and that is why it becomes the target of various hackers and crackers.
Constant technological progress increases the dependence of companies on information technologies.
We offer comprehensive security solutions from physical site security,
to technological protection of network infrastructure, to system and application security.

Our Solutions

Proper network security continues to be a challenge. It is based on efficient management and continuous fine-tuning of security policies.
We offer proven world-class solutions the continuous improvement of which keeps them at the forefront of the development in this area.



The security of electronically processed data and information is an integral part of the requirements for any IT infrastructure. It is based on efficient management and continuous fine-tuning of security policies. In doing so, it is necessary to ensure maximum stability of the infrastructure, high availability of IT services and cost-effective operation. Traditional security solutions that we have known for many years are primarily aimed at prevention.


Today, cybercrime and hackers’ creativity are developing dynamically. Traditional security mechanisms are no longer able to sufficiently eliminate modern threats or targeted attacks. Even the deployment and use of the best preventative solutions does not provide effective protection and can not prevent sophisticated attacks. That’s why we’ve included into our portfolio advanced solutions for advanced IT infrastructure security.


Requirements to ensure an adequate level of information confidentiality go hand in hand with data access management. User identity management throughout the lifecycle is provided by Identity Management solutions. Information handling related security policies can be effectively enforced, audited and their exceptions managed by DLP solutions.


If you can’t see it, you can’t protect it. Our solutions provide continuous monitoring of key IT infrastructure components and evaluate relationships between events from different source systems. They are able to detect security incidents and operating problems in a timely manner. This lowers their impact and reduces the solution time. They also provide detailed information for forensic analysis.



We offer analytical and advisory services in the field of information security and compliance with related legislation. We can prepare various types of analyses for your company – Business Impact Analysis (BIA), a risk analysis using the RAMSES expert tool, or a GAP analysis of your compliance with ISO 27001, GDPR, NIS, or cyber law. We also provide expert advice on IT continuity management and disaster recovery.


Our security services portfolio also includes services for identification of security incidents and threats in the customer’s infrastructure. We can offer you Soitron Security Sensor for a short-term audit, Behavioral network analysis provided as a continuous service without the need for an upfront investment, Additional Security Incident Response services and Security Operations Center (SOC).


Do not be intimidated by potential security threats to your company’s network. Soitron Security Sensor is our security solution designed to analyze your network traffic as well as the transferred content and warn you of any potential risks in your network.

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Do you need to get an overview of what’s happening in your corporate network? Can you identify suspicious activities and anomalies in your network traffic? The Flowmon as a Service security solution brings a combination of cutting-edge technology and expert advice to diagnose and assess potential threats to your IT infrastructure.

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