Communication of people has always been an important part of life. Nowadays, when the communication often goes beyond the confines of our offices, companies, countries and even continents it is necessary for its transfer via various communication channels to meet the demands of modern times.
Unified Communication connects common communication tools such as an office phone, a mobile phone or an e-mail and complements them with modern communication channels like chat, video calls or file and screen sharing. Soitron also offers solutions for companies which, in addition to covering their intra-company communication needs, also wish to increase communication efficiency in their contact centres and turn them into an effective tool for building customer loyalty and increasing the sales.

Our solutions

Unified Communication (UC)

This modern solution enables you to reach a person by means of a single “contact” regardless of all of their telephone numbers, e-mail and chat addresses. With UC you can follow the availability of a certain person and find out which communication tool this person currently prefers.

Videoconference solutions and Telepresence

Make your communication better by means of a high-quality picture and voice with the option of presentation sharing. In Soitron we provide solutions for mobile, personal devices as well as conference rooms which simplify and improve the cooperation between remote subsidiaries and often save you time spent on business trips.

Multichannel contact centers

A modern “omnichannel” or multichannel contact center connected to company applications enables you to reach a large number of clients individually by means of innovative communication channels. Your customer only needs one contact for voice, video, chat, e-mail, social networks, Skype, SMS and fax.

Speech Analytics

The system of recorded calls analytics enables the classification and automatic evaluation of recorded calls. Unlike manual random analysis, Speech Analytics is capable of processing 100% of calls, define trends and identify key topics helping you to early identify any problems in communication or discover new business opportunities.

Performance and Quality Management

Get an overview of your contact centre operation thanks to call recording and performance and quality management. It allows you to optimize your chosen KPIs, evaluate the quality of work of individual agents as well as to create various kinds of reports.

365 Cloud PBX

Our product solution allows you to make phone calls and use video conferencing without internet via public switched telephone network. You can use instant messaging, remote access, desktop sharing (training sessions, voting system) and organize meetings using Skype for Business in cloud. With this solution you get maximum business benefits with minimal IT costs.

More about the Soitron 365 Cloud PBX HERE

Voice biometrics

Voice biometrics provides a quick, comfortable and safe identity verification of a calling client. The authentication is carried out on the basis of comparing a voice sample recorded beforehand with the voice of the caller. Thanks to voice biometrics your clients don’t have to care where they left their authorization device or remember access codes and passwords. The client only needs his or her voice for the identification.

Workforce Management

Shift planning for call centre operators is a complicated and time-consuming activity. You can simplify the whole process thanks to our Workforce Management integration – from workforce planning for individual shifts, to workload anticipation, to work schedule adherence supervision.

Why Soitron?

  • In Soitron we have a strong background in different IT fields such as IT security, infrastructure or IT support. Our experience allows us to perceive the problems of our customers in a comprehensive way and support their business thanks to IT innovations.
  • Our certified specialists have experience in solutions from various vendors and  that is why we offer solutions that best meet our clients’ needs and demands.
  • We can extend the standard solutions with our own applications according to customers’s current needs.
  • We were the first to implement an IP contact centre in CEE region already in 2002


The average time of client identification when using a card plus a TB reader is 1 minute 21 seconds. With voice biometrics it is 27 seconds – it means that we save 66% of the time spent on client identification thanks to voice biometrics.*
Ľuboš Kováč
The director of DIALOG Live contact center (* Project of voice biometrics in Tatra banka in 2013)

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