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Welcome to our Career web section. You are entering the world of modern technology, education, career growth, open and direct corporate communication and informal relations. You’ll learn more about our company that cares about its people. If you want to work for a company that values its employees as much as its customers and perceives continuous improvement as a life style rather than an obligation, you came to the right place.

Open positions

At Soitron continuous improvement is a life style choice rather than an obligation.   We always want to know more and be the best we can. We believe that a fair partnership collaboration and responsibility to our business partners and our colleagues is the foundation of our success. We care about our employees and we consider it important to also contribute to their happiness in their private and family life.

Ondrej Smolár, CEO


Technological leader

We strive to continuously move ahead and come up with bold customer solutions.

Friendly atmosphere

We started as a small family business. Today, despite the fact that there are a couple hundreds of us now, we still keep the friendly and family atmosphere and open communication.

We pride ourselves on education and professional qualification

We care about our people and their continuous learning. We are aware that only with a high-quality human capital we can continuously progress.

We support family life of our people

We don’t live to work. That’s why we care for our people to achieve their work-life balance.

We care about our people’s career growth

We recognize how important the talent management is and that’s why we make sure that we offer any open positions to our employees first.

We help each other right from the start

If necessary, we lend a hand to our new employees, especially when they need help with reallocation or settling down to a new job.


The selection process


Are you interested in an open position or would like to work with us? Send us your resume.


Who we get back to

If your profile meets our requirements for the position, we contact you. All other resumes are stored into our database and if a suitable position opens, we contact you.


Expect a call from us

Do you meet the requirements? Please expect a phone call from us through which we want to get to know you a little better, ask for some complementary information not included in your resume and verify the technical and language skills you indicated.


We'll see you in person

If you've successfully managed the telephone call, we are happy to meet you in person. It is not important how you dress to the interview. We are interested in what you know and what kind of person you are.


Here comes the contract

If we like you and you like us, it’s a no-brainer. We agree as of when do you become a strong part our team and then we sign a work contract.


Our success stories

Marek Vrábel

Already as a child, Marek showed his enthusiasm for IT and during elementary school he started attending an afterschool coding class. He came into first contact with Soitron a few years later, in 2006, during his studies at the Slovak Technical University. It all started with some small part time jobs. Later he was hired as a Service Desk Operator of the System Integration.  With his next career move Marek joined the Outsourcing Division and took the SAP L2 support position. But that was only for a very short time; Organizational changes in the PH Project brought him back to the Integration part of Soitron and from 2010 his work experience is linked to Voice solutions. He started as a junior specialist, but already after a year he had his own projects. What he especially likes is the complexity of these projects and interaction with customers. Today, as a systems engineer he is responsible for the whole technical part of the project, from design, to implementation, to follow-up support. He swears by his Voice team, the work atmosphere and lovely female colleagues :-). He enjoys climbing, motor sports and meetings with friends. All of his free time he now tries to devote to his family and, as fresh dad, he is most proud of his new-born son Ján.

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Martin Baboľ

Having assembled his first home computer when he was 7, Martin decided to study and then have a career in the IT world. He joined Soitron in February 2009 and began working as a Service Desk Operator. In as little as half a year he was promoted to a Service Coordinator. On top of providing an authorized service for HP, IBM and Cisco equipment, he took over the responsibility for his first customer. Gradually he learned to build relationships with clients, produce price quotations and develop tailor-made solutions. In 2013, Martin moved to the position of Account Delivery Manager having responsibility for nearly 40 customers, mainly in the public sector. Building on his professionalism and especially on his humane approach, he strives to develop long-term high-quality relationships. He enjoys interactions with customers and unusual situations that may arise during the process. As a true IT enthusiast he loves computer games, but he also enjoys skiing and motor sports. He is a proud resident of Piešťany and he doesn’t intend to change that.

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Tomáš Turkovič

Tomáš joined Soitron in 2006 as an experienced headhunter. From the outset he was given an opportunity to manage a young and dynamic team of four recruiters. He seized the chance and soon enough he also took over the HR Back Office Department. Through that he expanded his expertise to include process and system implementation. In 2009 he took over the full responsibility of the head of the HR Department.  His skills and enthusiasm earned him the trust of the company’s management. As a result, in April 2011 he took the Outsourcing Division under his management, which brought him a whole new perspective on the functioning of the company. His dedication, success and courage allowed him to grow business not only in Slovakia but also in international markets. Today, he manages around 400 employs in Slovakia and Bulgaria and currently he’s also developing activities in the UK market. Tomáš is an example of a person who was given a chance to grow and implement his own ideas in Soitron, and today he is a successful member of the company’s senior management. In his spare time he enjoys biking, barbecuing, cheering for Chelsea, walking his dog and last, but not least, spending time with his daughter Mia.

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