To better address its customers in the Czech Republic, the Rossmann drugstore chain decided to launch the new Rossmann Club loyalty program. This loyalty club offers many discounts and benefits through their new mobile app. To ensure the flawless operation of the mobile app, Soitron installed a new, modern Wi-Fi network in all its 136 outlets within a very short time. Within a few weeks of the launch, over 125,000 new customers have signed up for the Rossmann Club loyalty program.
Case study was published 02.09.2019

Case study


  • Replace the existing and insufficient IT infrastructure in all Rossmann stores.
  • Interconnect all stores via a centrally controlled Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch a loyalty programme in a mobile app.
  • Connect the new Wi-Fi network to the Maxifi portal and use the analytical
    connection data.
  • Make it possible for the new network to be used by IoT devices and make it compliant with Rossmann’s internal processes.
  • Deploy the solution in a very short time.


  • Deploy 300 access points in total: 2 to 3 per store (Cisco 1800, 2800 Series) with CleanAir technology, controlled by a central Wi-Fi controller in a virtualized environment.
  • Equip all stores with new manageable switches (Cisco 2960 Series) and 24 PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports.

Results and benefits

A secure, reliable, and fast network. An easier and centralized IT infrastructure management.

Possible data acquisition for marketing purposes. Added value for customers in the form of free Wi-Fi.

A secure connection to Rossmann’s internal data processing system.