Modern businesses require IT solutions that are flexible enough to respond to new storage capacity requirements and changing processing power needs.  At the same time, they need to be comprehensive, contribute to reducing local infrastructure management costs as well as ease the burden on in-house IT departments. Cloud solutions can meet all these requirements.

However, switching to the cloud isn‘t for anyone so businesses considering to do so should carry out analyses to assess if they are suited for such a change. For those using cloud services already, it may be time to review your exciting usage to ensure your business requirements are met.

Soitron analyses, designs, implements and integrates infrastructure, platform and software cloud solutions to meet clients‘ needs. These are just a few of the benefits of the comprehensive and hybrid cloud solutions offered.


The introduction of cloud services usually uncovers new business opportunities and could also help a company measure the benefits of activities.

ROOM FOR INNOVATION manifested by the development of new products and identification of new opportunities

EFFECTIVE DATA USE through data integration and analysis

EFFECIENT TRANSFORMATION manifested by streamlining and automation of any existing business models and processes

HIGHER DATA AVAILABILITY due to hardware and physical location diversification

SEAMLESS SYSTEM AND DATA INTERCONNECTION with the “next generation” systems as part of the partnership cooperation

IMPROVED COMMUNICATION with your customers

Our offer

Cloud solutions can be implemented on various levels and for multiple business scenarios. Soitron will work closly with its clinets to make sure all requirements are met.


Soitron Cloud Testing (CT)

Soitron CT is designed for companies that are considering cloud implementation or want to ensure they are utilising all of their existing cloud solution. Our experts will analyse your current environment, recommend improvements, prepare implementation cost estimates and give you a chance to test the proposed solution in real life.

More about the Soitron CT service

Cloud transition strategy

Have you successfully decided to switch to cloud and need a detailed implementation plan to minimise any risks associated with the project? A cloud transition strategy defines cloud implementation technical requirements, associated costs and the project schedule.

Adoption campaign

Often, the most challenging part of the implementation of any IT solution is getting used to the new system and to make sure it works effectively. Our adoption campaign is designed to help users overcome any initial struggle with the intention to facilitate an effective use of cloud solutions based on monitoring and examination. It will also ensure the cloud is implemented correctly from both a usability and a technical point of view.


Moving infrastructure or software to the cloud

Growing performance demands companies to extend their IT infrastructure or move it to the cloud. Soitron will lead you through this process – from the initial analysis to the final implementation.

Secure cloud solutions

Before implmentation, we analyse any potential security risks and take all specific needs into account. Our integrated tools are able to analyse these risks and alert the administrator if necessary.

Back up and disaster recovery

Backup is one of the most critical parts when working with data. Due to high infrastructure investment costs and time consuming implementation, many companies are hesitent to build their own backup solutions. One of the optimal solutions is to take advantage of comprehensive cloud-based backup services. We will replace high infrastructure investment costs with flexible and scalable services, design the most appropriate storage, backup and recovery plan for your data and analyze deduplication and encryption possibilities. Our disaster recovery solution will optimize your costs, safeguard your investments and make your data is available even if your local servers fail.

Cloud infrastructure monitoring

We will provide you with an option to fully monitor the health of your infrastructure, regardless of its physical location – cloud or on-premise, using a single platform. The proactive infrastructure monitoring will allow you to identify potential problems in real time and address them before they affect your end users.

Cloud consumption monitoring

Cloud service consumption cost optimization provides a potential for significant financial savings. Cloud service consumption monitoring and real-time cost monitoring will provide you with an overview, but also give you access to the data you need.

Cloud solution support

In case of any problem, we are here to help. We will design an optimal cloud solution support model for you, with 24/7 support, if required, based on a conventional Service Level Agreement.

Cloud and its measurable benefits


average improvement by process streamlining


average reduction of operating costs


average reduction of IT maintenance costs

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