20 January 2017

Soitron Cloud testing

The cloud is not just a new hype. It’s a global trend and the future of how IT works. As a customer you expect cloud services to be easy to understand. Hotmail and Gmail are cloud services and they are simple. You don’t think how, you simply use it.

Cloud-based services are efficient, fast and easy to use.

  • To make your cloud solution work well and reliably, first you have to describe, using IT language, the requirements and needs of the client, understand client’s business processes and be able to assess if cloud services are suited for the client’s purposes. An essential part is to verify if transition to the cloud really meets the expectations in terms of improved performance, efficiency and savings as declared.
  • The ideal way of finding out answers to the question what would the cloud bring to the client is to test his environment in real conditions.

For this purpose we created SOITRON Cloud Testing program – SOITRON CT.

The first step of SOITRON CT is the initial diagnosis of the present state of your infrastructure and your software environment. Then we identify parts of the infrastructure and software that would benefit from being moved to the cloud and analyze basic financial, technical and timeframe aspects. You will also have an opportunity to actually test your IT environment in the cloud by:

  • adding a new backup server;
  • existing server virtualization;
  • moving an application or a database to the cloud;
  • moving Microsoft Office products to the cloud;
  • testing the information protection in the cloud.

If you want to test this service or learn more about it, please contact us at