26 September 2016

Soitron has become the official Zabbix partner

One part of our product and service portfolio is providing solutions for IT infrastructure and application monitoring. After two years of active and successful use of Zabbix solutions, we decided to attest our acquired experience by the official certification of our technicians. In late September 2016, Soitron became Zabbix’s official partner for Slovakia and we joined other companies of the Soitron Group that are also regional partners of Zabbix in their respective countries.

We are confident that the certification of our engineers along with continued learning of advanced Zabbix solutions will be reflected in our designed solutions to the benefit of our existing and new customers.


“We would like to continue to focus our activities primarily on providing monitoring as a service, helping our customers with migration of their legacy to open source solutions and developing solutions for individual customer needs within the Zabbix environment.”

Peter Procházka, Head of the Business Unit SUPPORT at Soitron


Our team of engineer specialists have also been actively monitoring infrastructure and application of Soitron Group for over a decade. This environment serves very well also as a great “testing laboratory” for various add-ons, technical specifications and monitoring tools that we develop.

We have successfully shared our experience and know-how in recent years with more than twenty small and medium-sized companies primarily in Central and Eastern Europe.

We strive to remain fully committed and continue expand our expertise through professional training, so that we can design solutions tailored to specific needs and requirements of our customers.


ZABBIX LLC is a US based company, the core business of which is the development of open source software used for network, component and application monitoring. The company’s main objective is to create a monitoring solution available to and usable by all kinds of companies, from small businesses to large corporations with massive infrastructure. Their flagship product is Zabbix, one of the most popular open source monitoring software in the world. Zabbix is reliable, easily scalable and high-performing solution that is easy to use with extremely low costs of ownership.

You can learn more about our certification at Zabbix’s website.