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SOITRON* bot is a software platform able to communicate in natural language and handle routine requests of your clients or employees. Bot can not only understand your requirements but it can also ask for any missing or additional information, upload them to appropriate systems, send confirmations of processed requests and prefill forms or documents for signing by employees or clients.

Our offer

SOITRON*MailBot Email communication processing

SOITRON*ChatBot Chat communication processing

SOITRON*VoicelBot Telephone communication processing - speech to text

SOITRON*CheckBot Analyzing business environment and identifying opportunities for automation of communication or business processes.


Accelerate your
responses to customers.

Standardize and unify
tasks processing.

Increase customer

Freeing your staff of monotonous
and routine tasks.

Improve your reporting for better
overview of processed requests.

Where to use SOITRON*bot?

  • Existing contact centers to save agents’ time;
  • Any business communication that you need to complement with a new communication channel (MailBot, VoiceBot, ChatBot);
  • In complaints processing departments to automate case processing;
  • Backoffice departments to eliminate manual and routine tasks;
  • Your websites with proactive ChatBots;
  • Internal corporate helpdesk departments to speed up processing of repetitive staff requests;

  • Companies that need to optimize, automate and speed up a document
    search, provide information from various systems, etc.;
  • All sorts of registrations you wish to automate (new customers, employees)
    to retrieve information from corporate knowledge databases more conveniently;
  • Easy to use and personalized reporting tool.

How does the process look like?

Opportunities identification

Based on a non-binding consultation, we will find opportunities to use SOITRON*bot.


Analyzing samples of your communication

We ask for samples of your communication and set the semantic layer.


Designing a solution

On the basis of the previous analysis, we propose a possible solution.


Launching automatic communication and request handling

After the implementation of the proposed solution, we will run automatic communication and requirements processing.



We keep track of ongoing communication and, if needed, we incorporate a change request.


We would be happy to meet with you for a non-binding consultation.