Today, there is probably not a single sector in which information technology would not play a dominant role. The biggest challenge in today’s digitized world is how to manage all IT components and support services and how to optimize the existing IT resources. In our view, IT should ideally not only help businesses to achieve their goals, but also to drive further development and innovation. If it’s not the case, the company should consider seeking a third-party IT advisory. We at Soitron bring our clients vast experience in IT management, strategic planning, decision-making and innovation support in their environment. We understand that IT is no longer bound by physical components or systems – it’s an integral part of all company processes.

Our solutions

IT Audit and IT Health Assessment

To objectively assess the current state of IT, it is often necessary to take the position of an independent third party.  In addition, when providing audit and assurance services we also strive to benchmark against best practices and our experience. With this approach we are able to effectively discover, identify and display the most serious deficiencies in the IT environment of our clients.

IT Solution Implementation

Statistics tell us that as much as one quarter of all implementation projects fail during implementation. Many others are unable to deliver the expected benefits. Budget overruns and planning failures are rather the rule than the exception. We at Soitron help our clients to manage their projects using relevant methodologies and experience we have gained in many successful projects. We know the risks involved in each individual phase of the project, including post-completion risks and that’s why we can successfully lead you through the process.

Innovation in IT

In a dynamic environment such as todays IT it is only natural to see continuous development. Based on our many years’ experience we know that innovation activities require strong management support, a well-chosen methodology and an appetite for change. Our clients benefit from our vast experience needed for a major change such as the shift to innovative thinking in their company. We are ready to help you plan and get well prepared for individual steps and the transition to a more innovative corporate environment. We can introduce new processes, methods, roles, systems, awareness and possibly set up a new organizational structure.

IT Resource Optimization

In our today’s environment, where companies have access to many functionalities of IT as a service, it is important to optimize IT resources and investments. Using methodologies that help manage and integrate multiple external IT service providers we can effectively combine company’s internal resources with their external environment. We support our clients in their decision-making on how to efficiently organize their IT functionalities and advise them when purchasing IT as a service is an added value for them. Once they decide we help prepare and implement the change so that all the risks are reliably managed.

IT Strategic Planning

Very often we see that the IT environment is perceived just from the operational point of view as something that “needs to be kept running.” Based on our experience and current trends we know how important it is to plan IT strategically. By IT strategic planning we can help our clients to keep their IT goals aligned with their business objectives and with achieving the expected value. We help our clients to align their IT planning in both operational and strategic terms. In our view, the planning that reflects business needs and at the same time manages available resources is the best possible support for the business and the greatest added value of IT.

Project Management and Interim Management

We have gained a vast experience in many projects for our customers and we are ready to share it. We at Soitron understand that when enterprises need to implement new processes, systems and technology, they often deal with such a change for the first time. To sail through the change as smoothly as possible, we would provide you with a specialist to help you temporarily manage your projects so that you can learn and focus on your business.

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is an abbreviation for the EU Regulation 2016/679 on personal data protection. This regulation is applicable to 90% of all companies and they are required to ensure compliance with the GDPR requirements by May 25, 2018. Our consultancy programme will help you find out if the GDPR applies to your company and make it easier for you to get acquainted with the GDPR legislation. Our experts will help your company to take the necessary actions to ensure compliance and avoid potential fines.

More about the Soitron GDPR service HERE

NIS – Security of Network and Information Systems

NIS (Network and Information Systems) is an abbreviation for the EU Directive 2016/1148, concerning measures for a high common level of security of network and information systems across the Union. This Directive will apply from May 10, 2018 by which date relevant institutions are required to comply with its requirements. Our consultancy programme will help you learn what you need to know about the NIS legislation and prepare for it properly.

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Why Soitron?

  • The value of our services is in our experience and our ability to use proven methods and procedures to solve specific customers problems (value delivery, agile approach).
  • Thanks to our independent problem assessment we can help our customers to make the right decisions in their IT projects, while constantly having in mind their company’s business goals.
  • We partner with major world vendors to continue to provide our customers with the best and latest technology. Such cooperation also gives us an important insight as to which solutions are best suited for specific needs of our customers.

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