24 June 2019


The trend of IoT (the Internet of Things) or, if you like, smart solutions, is constantly growing and does not exclude the agriculture sector. Smart machines are used in combination with GPS for precision farming. At Soitron we have taken our own unique look at the sector and found several areas where we can help farmers. The technology can help farmers to optimize input costs or reduce losses in the agricultural production.

Efficient energy management

A big cost for farmers is electricity, which is not allocated to separate parts of their operation. That’s why it cannot be accurately broken down. Utilizing the capabilities of the IoT hub and the Azure platform, we have developed a tool that allows us to collect data and generate various reports. We can also combine it with artificial intelligence (AI) and predictions. All of this allows us to bring attention to facts that are not readily apparent.

Being equipped with IoT sensors, our solutions are based on the most accurate power consumption metering of a production facility. They allow the breaking down of cost to individual operations, such as pig farming, bull beef production, and more. When combined with water consumption metering, we can quantify the cost of each operation. For instance, this makes it possible to much more precisely identify the total cost of producing one kilogram of meat or one litre of milk.

If we also use weather forecast data, we can even make power consumption predictions in production using AI. The results are displayed in easy-to-read dashboards. To create these dashboards, we use Power BI tools. As a result, we are able to very quickly adapt the solutions to customer needs

What these solutions bring to farmers?

Increased self-reliance in domestic food production

Improved farmers’ competitiveness in the European market

Increased efficiency, for instance, by optimizing supplier contracts

Protection against unfair practices of packing imported products in domestic packaging