Covid as a trigger for digital transformation

One of the biggest challenges most companies face right now is ensuring business continuity with minimal loss of productivity of their remote workforce. The crisis is forcing companies to become a lot more efficient.

The current pandemic is considered as the best accelerator for digital transformation across many companies. We see the following as the main reasons:

Employee experience

The discussion around employee experience and digital tools has rapidly intensified; moving beyond attracting and retaining talent to enabling and supporting a fully remote workforce with capabilities and technologies which are now deemed mission critical.

Social distancing

Social distancing and self-isolation tactics are being recommended or mandated by health officials, forcing companies to redefine how they conduct business. Organizations need to evolve their capabilities to best support their employees and business operations while working remotely.

Accelerating digitalization

The current pandemic has changed the way we live and work almost overnight. Analysts are struggling to keep pace with the impact on economies, sectors and firms. One thing that we already know, however, is that this crisis is accelerating an already growing trend towards digitalization.

Digital revolution

Beyond new business models, the digital revolution has the potential to change traditional ways of conducting business. Local enterprises may adopt various digital services to reduce obstacles caused by physical barriers, simplify supply and value chains, and provide speedy delivery of goods and services.

Survey Goal

This survey aims to understand how the Covid19 situation impacted the companies in terms of handling the current crisis.  Most companies have been affected by the current crisis and must now re-set their objectives. Where is your organisation in the current landscape – are you still addressing the burning issues, already recovering, or thinking of a new post-pandemic reality?

Benefits of the participation?

  • By sharing your experience on how your company dealt with the current situation you will be helping other participants set the right strategy for their own digital transformation.
  • Leave your email address to get the access to the results of the survey and find out how other companies are learning from the crisis. We will share the output with you together with the invitation for the free workshop where we will discuss best practices in digital transformation and outcomes from the survey.