18 August 2016

Cisco Meraki Technologies

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-based technology that allows you to manage network and application services through user-friendly graphical interface. Today, Meraki forms wide portfolio of network products, from wireless network (Wireless LAN), safety devices (Security appliances), switches to the Mobility Management.

You can greatly simplify and clarify the management of the entire network by connecting to Cisco Meraki devices. While large companies benefit from this technology by improving visibility of their own networks, small and medium businesses can use some of its products for problem solving, such as monitoring of viewing of unauthorized websites, monitoring of downloading of illegal content or differentiating the quality of data transmission.


What will you appreciate about these technologies?

Wireless lan

Cisco Meraki access points (APs) have been built-up the way to allow the fastest connection speedsand coverage. CMX technology is one of the most significant user benefits. CMX shows you real time statistics on visitor/user movements
without any additional costs. Data collected by APs are synchronized with the Cisco Meraki cloud technology and automatically reported in the graphical user interface. With a simple analytics you can then continue to work and monitor trends in attendance, track site visitors and compare the proportion of new vs. returning visits.


Cisco Meraki MX security devices make it easier to deploy high-quality network infrastructure within a large number of distribution sites. Since it is a 100% cloud-based technology, its installation and remote management are simple and at the same time equally reliable as in the case of on-premise solutions. MX contains complex set of network services while eliminating the need for multiple
devices. The service includes the latest generation of firewalls, content filters, WAN optimizations and aggregation of multiple network connections. Each of Meraki Security devices supports several standard security functionalities, for example stateful firewall or integrated IPS, so as to best secure a given corporate network. Graphical interface provides the user with clear view and control
of all security devices from any access point – any time and anywhere.


Cisco Meraki MS are the first cloud switches which optimally combine the advantages of the cloud centralized management with powerful and reliable
access platforms. Thanks to cloud management you can immediately configure and monitor thousands of switch ports.

Mobility management

Organizations will appreciate the Mobility management primarily for its easy and safe control of mobile and desktop devices amounts, for ensuring smooth start-up process of new devices and automatic application of the various security policies.

How does it works?

Cloud-Management-ArchitectureJust unpack any of the products from Cisco Meraki family and connect it to your company’s infrastructure. The device will automatically connect via SSL protocol, register in your network and download the necessary configuration. You can easily control all devices since Meraki hardware is managed from the cloud. Network devices communicate through a secure data centre protocol so the data needed to communicate are separated from the user data. Instead of command line configuration you can set all Cisco Meraki products via mobile application or web interface. Despite the ease of use, the technology is robust enough to meet the requirements of companies of different sizes.

Why to use Cisco Meraki technology?

More and more companies are moving to cloud solutions and Cisco Meraki is the leader in the cloud network field. So what are the benefits of Cisco Meraki devices?

  • Rapid implementation and easy management
  • Unified view of the entire corporate network regardless of the location of end devices
  • Rapid detection of problem devices and its easy exchange
  • Operational costs saving since you no longer have to deal with:
    • the latest trainings for your IT employees
    • staff available at each site in case of different geographic locations
    • software upgrade of network devices
    • complex replacement of devices in case of error
  • You will obtain greater flexibility by transforming CAPEX to OPEX
  • Last but not least, a considerable marketing use mainly thanks
    to CMX technology