The managers of Bratislavská teplárenská gain a real overview of their sensitive corporate data

According to the Cyber Security Act passed in 2018, specific companies providing “essential” or “digital” services must ensure the enhanced security of their data. This includes Bratislavská teplárenská. There is a lot of data that BAT needs to protect, including the personal data of its own employees, customer information and consumption data, financial data etc. They chose the Safetica DLP package to prevent data leaks. Soitron is certified Gold Partner of Safetica Technologies. Our role was to ensure the smooth deployment of the technology.
Case study was published 23.03.2020


  • Deploy a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution from Safetica in the company
  • Ensure compliance of the company’s processes and technologies with the new legislative requirements (GDPR and the Cyber Security Act)
  • Use this opportunity to update existing sensitive data processing procedures to
    make them compliant with the legislation as well as with company management’s expectations


  • Use the Safetica Auditor to map the ways and forms in which the data is processed, i.e., where the data comes from, how it is created and processed, and where it is transferred
  • Classify data by content, origin, and other metadata
  • Create policies for different groups of sensitive data
  • Provide training to the client’s IT team


Gaining an overview and control over corporate data.

New analyses and statistics of the company’s data flow

Preventing unauthorized processing of sensitive data

A notification system that reminds users to heighten their caution regarding the data they are currently working with