When one of the world’s largest chemical companies appointed Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to take over its Managed Service contract, HPE needed to complete a highly complex full-service global integration without its client providing any engineering support. Soitron was brought on board to handle the project on the behalf of HPE, and took on the challenge from start to finish.


  • To integrate HP Service Manager (HPSM) with HPE’s client
    existing SAP system – two incompatible systems, unable to communicate
    with each other.
  • Data sovereignty, accessibility, encryption and service continuity were of particular importance.
  • To develop an alternative solution to address several challenges.

this solution demonstrated how soitron can

  • Integrate multiple platforms together without any business disruption.
  • Making incompatible systems work together.
  • Handle complex and challenging projects while adhering to very tight deadlines.
  • Problem solve to the very highest of industry levels
  • Design scalable solutions for any volume of transactions


Development of the unique IT Smart+ solution – a new service offering which Soitron now offers to businesses facing similar challenges.

The solution is flexible enough to allow the two disparate systems to interact with each other.

The solution could be used by a team of specialist to deliver the project on time.

A system which could handle any volume transactions in a standardised framework.

Daniel Olsson

Managing Director, Soitron UK

Every HPE project presents a great challenge, and once again, we came up with a viable and realistic solution which saved HPE time and money. For this project, we developed of ITSmart+, which was a landmark innovation that can be applied to other similar projects of all sizes. This means that any business dealing with two or more incompatible platforms now has a solution which we can apply as appropriate.