Stable and secure enterprise network enhances the prosperity of OMS company

At present, the OMS Company is one of the leading lighting companies in Europe. Similar rapid developments of companies are often accompanied by issues related to IT infrastructure. OMS Company was not an exception. After the disk array collapsed in their server room, data was lost and production was forced to stop for several days, it was more than certain that it had to go through a radical redesign of the network infrastructure.
Case study was published 15.08.2016


  • To build a modern and stable IT infrastructure prepared for future development of the company
  • To eliminate drop outs, weak throughput, and network response
  • To protect company network from viruses and other harmful malware
  • To ensure continuous production and operation of the company
  • To simplify IT infrastructure management and disburden the IT
    department of labour-intensive and time-consuming maintenance

Our solution

  • Comprehensive upgrade of the network core and data center
  • Redesigning of the network access layer in administration and technological premises
  • Securing the network – protection of e-mails and data transfers
  • Building a Wi-Fi solution in the highavailability mode with permitted drop-out within 3 seconds


IT infrastructure, which supports business activities of the company and enables its operation without drop outs, and thus without administration and production downtimes

Setup of conditions for effective automation and monitoring of production and logistics

Elimination of threats in the form of virusinfected e-mails and presence of malware

Improvement of the network response and throughput to increase comfort, labour efficiency, and productivity of employees

Stability of the network enabling its administrators to focus on important tasks instead of troubleshooting of common problems


IT Manager of OMS

We realized that the company needed a stable and reliable IT infrastructure, which would work almost without care and with minimum maintenance cost. We saw a big potential in the solution by Soitron, as the designed infrastructure is so modern and stable that it is able to provide us with continual running of our production even in case of further expansion of the company.