A few months ago, Soitron faced a difficult situation with a need for smart decision at the end – continue with our own proprietary monitoring solutions or switch to monitoring as a service. The first option represented a significantly more expensive and complex approach because of the need for certified specialists as well as additional costs in a form of license fees. After several discussions, we have chosen the second alternative having many advantages we can benefit from.
Case study was published 29.09.2016

Before migration

  • Expensive enterprise system based on costs calculation per server, per application
  • Service payments during the whole period of contract
  • Unclear licensing model and the associated high costs
  • Additional payments for extra features and modules
  • Specific requirements for trained and certified people

After migration

  • Clear system with no license fees or additional costs per application, per server
  • Significant savings in total costs
  • OpenSource software
  • Extra features and modules available for free
  • Increased level of flexibility, scalability and availability


Transparent and fixed price model during the whole contract period.

Flexibility in solution modification with no relation to specific life cycle.

SLA with conditions tailored to customer needs. Service Desk and Incident management as a part of SLA.

Payments according to used features and services.


Senior Monitoring Consultant (Soitron, s.r.o.)

Thanks to new solution, modified according to our need and requirements, we managed to decrease total costs by 80%. Migration process took 3 months and was carried out seamlessly and with no outage of our services.