Incident Manager – zástup za MD

  • Zabezpečuje prevádzkovú efektívnosť a účinnosť procesu IcM
  • Pravidelné vyhodnocovanie procesu IcM
  • Proaktívne sledovanie spracovávaných incidentov v súlade s procesom IcM
  • Pravidelný monitoring incidentov a ich vývoja v jednotlivých skupinách
  • Pravidelné vyhodnocovanie kvality dokumentácie tiketov
  • Procesný tréning technických tímov DXC
  • Zabezpečenie informovanosti technických tímov pre procesne relevatné informácie
  • Eskalačný kontakt pre incidenty, kedy hrozí riziko prekročenia doby riešenia, riešenie nie je dostupné, prípadne niektorá zo supportných strán nespolupracuje
  • Zodpovedá za efektívnu spoluprácu medzi IcM a ostatnými procesnými manažérmi, ako aj technickými tímami
  • Zabezpečuje aktuálnosť procesnej dokumentácie
  • Zadáva podnety pre problém manažment v prípade opakujúcich sa incidentov
  • Sledovanie kvality tiketov
  • Definuje a implementuje zlepšenia procesu
  • Reporting Organizácia pravidelných IcM meetingov


  • Uvítanie návštevníkov spoločnosti – kandidátov
  • Odpovedanie na telefonáty
  • Prepájanie hovorov
  • Zapisovanie odoslanej a prijatej pošty
  • Evidencia
  • Iné administratívne pomocné práce

Recruitment Specialist


  • Responsible for all the recruitment and selection work including pre-screening, organize and attend interviews (face-to-face and virtual), database administration, negotiating with candidates, onboarding new hires.
  • Prepare evaluation records on the candidates and assist in decision process as well as maintain internal database and external postings. 
  • Participate on our ongoing recruitment events
  • Preparing relevant recruitment reports and statistics.
  • Headhunting, proactively search for candidates through different platforms and channels;
  • Negotiate job terms with managers and candidates;
  • Process paperwork associated with hiring of employees;

Help Desk Operátor (s anglickým / nemeckým jazykom)

  • sledovanie dostupných monitorovacích nástrojov
  • prijímanie hovorov, prípadne emailov od zákazníka
  • zadávanie hovorov do nástroja na ich evidovanie
  • identifikovanie incidentov, ktoré treba urgentne vyriešiť
  • dodržiavanie help – desk štandardov významnej medzinárodnej spoločnosti
  • práca na smeny 24/7

Senior Recruitment Specialist

·       Collaborate and consult with the business to identify job requirements and develop an effective position profile, candidate specifications, and sourcing strategy that effectively market the opportunity.

·       Managing all the recruitment and selection work including pre-screening, interviewing, database administration, negotiating with             candidates, onboarding new hires.

·       Headhunting

·       Prepare evaluation records on the candidates and assist in decision process as well as maintain internal database and external postings.

·       Research and implement new ways of sourcing/attracting candidates and should be able to organize Job Fairs.

·       Participate on our ongoing recruitment events, in charge of communication with recruitment agencies.

·       Develop innovative, creative and proactive recruitment strategies to meet the business needs.

·       Working closely with the HR team in order to improve recruitment strategy and sourcing channels.

·       Working closely with Service Delivery and Operations Managers and other departments in order to reach specific recruitment targets.

·       Preparing relevant recruitment reports and statistics.

Order Management Agent with German

  •        Manage effectively designated team work-flow to achieve SLA and Targets
  •        Input & Process Orders & Returns
  •        Validate Orders and Pricing
  •        Manage relevant customer details
  •        Ensure compliance with work instructions and absolute compliance with corporate guidelines encompassing in particular ethical           and financial rules.
  •        Escalate in a timely and professional manner any issues that prevent the completion of tasks and achievement of SLA and targets
  •        Respond and action in a timely professional manner any escalations received
  •        Provide Team Leader with timely and accurate reporting that captures performance trend metrics and actionable management             information.

Customer Care Associate with German or French

  • Manage the resolution of Partner/ Customer queries within corporate guidelines, demonstrating the ability to react professionally in disputed or heated situations, creating solutions that not only meet with customer satisfaction, but also make partners.
  • Manage effectively designated work/stock levels to achieve targets & SLA’s set.
  • Ensure compliance with T&C’s and Business Rules and absolute compliance with corporate guidelines encompassing in particular ethical and financial rules.
  • Encourage positive Partner behavior through feedback on QMS system.
  • Ensure Partner compliance with Portal functionality where available.
  • Provide Team Lead with timely and accurate updates on his/hers aged and outstanding queries.
  • Ensure strict adherence to IC & Sarbox requirements.

Collection agent with German, French or Spanish

  •  Collection of all accounts using various collections methods – however the main source will be direct customer communication             via   outbound/inbound calls.
  •  Implementation of permanent account administration, reconciliation and account analysis.
  •  Implementation of credit/account management, ascertainment of the payment patterns and, if necessary, implementation of               corrective measures.
  •  Ensures debt and cash targets are met on a quarterly/monthly basis
  •  Ensures all ledgers are kept clean and reconciled
  •  Ensures full compliance with all associated internal rules and regulations      

Billing agent with German or Spanish

  •        Ensure unbilled items are issued in a timely manner in line with targets/SLA’s set.
  •        Daily validation & clearance of meter reading errors, contract errors, Partner Portal errors which are causing unbilled items.
  •        Monitoring of billing holds and CFM activity
  •        Manual meter reading entry on behalf of customers/Partners
  •        Identifying system issues and logging tickets to resolve
  •        Ensure business targets on billing completeness, quality and timeliness are achieved.
  •        Driving connectivity to ensure billing quality
  •        Promote Portal usage – self-service for meter reading entry
  •        Able to work under pressure and reach targets to the best of your abilities.
  •        Escalate, to the next level, any unresolved billing issue’ s in a timely manner.
  •        To ensure compliance with T&C’s and Business Rules and absolute compliance with corporate guidelines encompassing in                      particular ethical and financial rules.
  •        To ensure strict adherence to IC & Sarbox requirements
  •        Achievement of monthly/quarterly targets and SLA
  •        Regular communication to Team Leader 

Project manager with Spanish

Management of project for customer, in charge for overall project delivery
• Develop detailed project plans, track changes and report final outcomes
• Responsible for the project management within a specific location
• Step by step coordination of local projects
• Plan, assign, monitor and follow up of project resources 
• Plan, monitor and execute the budget related to the project
• Implement established policies, system monitor and control to ensure the successful management and reporting of all corporate initiatives in the project
• Escalation and risk management
• Manage changes within the scope, budget and time schedule
• Responsible for project health
• Follow up of project indicators on time, within scope and within budget
• Ensure handover to operations and to business as usual
• Report to Senior manager or Program manager
• Follow best practices and organizational standards
• Provide both verbal and written communications regarding project status, risks and issues

Senior Recruitment Specialist

  • Work along with recruitment lead / team to fulfil vacancies through the most beneficial source of recruitment with a keen focus on meeting timelines, minimizing costs and improve quality of hire.
  • Liaison with Team Leads / Managers / HR Team to ensure smooth execution of recruitment related activities. Interview candidates in person and hence an understanding of the organization and HR practices is highly relevant for this role
  • Meet defined SLAs on Hiring turnaround time, offer to joining ratio, direct channel sourcing and other hygiene parameters
  • Organize walk-in recruitment events
  • Sourcing of candidates through various means such as Job Boards, Social networking, Internal Referrals and Headhunting
  • Research and implement new ways of sourcing/attracting candidates and should be able to organize Job Fairs and campus recruitment
  • Negotiate employment agreements and salaries with potential recruits. This will require the incumbent to be aware of current recruitment laws, taxation regulations, HR practices and policies
  • Managing on boarding along with local HR and making sure all hiring documentation is in place
  • Ensure Background verification process is completed and all data prepared for Audit
  • All additional tasks as the role evolves

BG Back Office Support Coordinator

• Entry of cases in Customer Relations Management (CRM)/Case Management tools
• Monitoring of new cases in customer tools or email including their warranty check
• Parts lookup and ordering in different systems
• Push case in queues CRM/Case Management tools
• Dispatch case
• Monitoring of pending cases according to priority and deal SLA
• Perform case closure CRM/Case Management tools and customer tools
• Deployment planning and communication process with end users for individual deployments via workflow tool
• Catalog management, order entry and fulfillment tracking
• Deployment scheduling of end-user installation with on-site engineers when hardware available and onsite delivery team coordination
• Responsibility for individual case performance, turnaround time and adherence to individual custom deal SLAs.
• Migration of data from one system to a new software
• Documents management