Have you ever thought about how to improve the general overview of all your IT activities to increase their benefits
for your organization in this digital age? Be inspired by the IT4IT Reference Architecture that helps you apply selected recommendations correctly.


HIGHER SERVICE QUALITY Better functioning and higher quality of services better reflects business requirements.

TIME-TO-MARKET REDUCTION Adequate standardization and automation of suitable use-cases eliminates downtime in IT service innovations and makes them available to users.

BETTER PREDICABILITY Simplified operating model focusing on key activity monitoring and management provides a better overview and predictability of the fulfilled user requirements.

BRINGING DOWN THE COSTS OF IT SERVICES Removing the causes of inefficiencies (e.g. waiting for information, processing of incorrect information) reduces the cost of IT services.

BETTER RISK MANAGEMENT More precise risk description, testing, and monitoring reduces their occurrence and the size of damage.

ENHANCED TRANSPARENCY AND BETTER MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING An end-to-end operating model supported by an end-to-end information system ensures mutual understanding and awareness of key aspects of IT service development and operation.

IMPROVING COOPERATION AND COMMUNICATION Use of self-service and automation reduces the number of misunderstandings, brings greater trust and improves relationships.

TECHNICAL DEBT REDUCTION Assessment of propositions for IT service innovation through the lens of their benefit to specific business activities will enable you to correctly assess the price and accelerate adoption of new technologies.

Our proposition

Consultations to learn about the IT4IT Reference Architecture and how to adopt its principles.

Comprehensive support for adopting the IT4IT principles in your organization

  • We will present IT4IT Reference Architecture to you on real-life examples.
  • We will train you.
  • We will help you find the right solutions for your tasks and we will review their benefits with respect to your business.
  • We will create a roadmap of suitable modifications.
  • We will support you during the implementation.

Management Information System for C*O – MIS4C*O

We will provide you with access to the data cube and reports showing the current status and development of the performance quality of key function points in your company’s operating model. Together we will import all necessary data from your ITSM tools, such as tools for request, product and project management, testing, service sales, IT element management, operation, monitoring, incident management, SLA measurement and many more.

Automated Integrated System for CIO – AIS4CIO

We will improve IT support in each specific case directly in your organization’s environment. For example: automation of staff arrivals to and departures from the organization, resolving of incidents identified by monitoring, or preparation of a new service. We will compare your existing ITSM tools with a view to improving the information exchange and enabling automation wherever it makes sense. We will provide you with the right tools or, through SaaS we will allow you to use our integrable tool that supports automation of cases with the highest added value.

If you are faced with some other challenges not mentioned in our proposition, send us your idea of what you want to accomplish.
We would be happy to discuss it with you at a non-committal meeting.

How does the whole process look like



IT4IT Reference Architecture is a fairly new standard that you may already have heard of, but it is likely that you don’t have much information about implemented projects or any detailed knowledge yet. That is why, the first step on our part will be to organize a workshop at which we will share with you our practical experience, present a managerial overview of IT4IT, listen to your needs and show you how they could be addressed using IT4IT recommendations. We will propose operating model modifications and turn them into a model road map.
Workshop participants will learn about IT4IT Reference Architecture in the context of their own company, which will make them sufficiently qualified to decide if and how they could benefit from IT4IT.



Once a decision is made to use IT4IT for specific goals, we will prepare training for members of the implementation team.

The training takes 1 to 2 days and is aimed at preparing each individual for their particular role.

Another option is to complete a standard three-day “IT4IT foundation” training that includes a final test and a possibility of receiving a personal certificate.



IT4IT is a sample model with recommendations:

  • which function points have a significant impact on the IT operation quality,
  • what are their key outputs,
  • what should not be omitted when working with those outputs
  • how these function points relate to one another. 

For your particular needs, some recommendations are absolutely relevant, some others are partly relevant and yet some others not relevant at all. Of those fully or partly relevant, some may not be feasible for you, for various reasons. 

The purpose of this cooperation step is to choose those that are relevant and realistically feasible to avoid frustration and disillusionment later on.



The complexity of implementing individual recommendations varies. This may include complementing your work instructions, amending contracts with your vendors, modifying competencies, implementing a new information system or integrating some of your systems, training and changing the motivation of your employees, etc. Each of these modification is different in terms of cost and time intensity. Some of them may be interdependent. The purpose of this step is to create a roadmap that would bring first tangible results within 2-3 weeks and then, throughout the process, deliver benefits for key stakeholders in an agile way in 2-4 week cycles. The roadmap respects the technological deadlines, as well as time and logic dependencies of each change. The overall project duration usually depends on time-consuming activities such as selection and implementation of a more suitable information system or the notice period of some supply contracts, ranging from a few months to about 2 years.



IT4IT is about changing the IT management system and changing the relationship between IT and business.

The management of the departments concerned, i.e. managers at the C*O and C*O-1 level, cannot outsource the work nor delegate it to their subordinates.

They must deal with it themselves to be able to modify management methods and tools to their own liking.

We support them as mentors, coaches, opponents or deliver small partial outputs for them throughout the implementation period.



Today, IT business has no generally recognized standard operating model and no information system supporting such end-to-end operating model. The implementation of IT4IT recommendations is always linked to information system modification. Every organization has dozens of tools, usually isolated, used by groups of technicians.  “C” and “C-1” level managers do not have an information system that would provide them with an overview of the entire end-to-end operating model or its parts –strategy, development of new services, providing services to users and the operation services. Within the information system modification, we lay emphasis on:

  • Providing information necessary for decision-makers at the “C” and “C-1” levels.
  • Integration of tools for technical groups with the view of their automation if appropriate.

Modifications are implemented by providing a SaaS solution or by customizing the suite of proprietary tools used by the customer.

Why Soitron?

Try our day-long pilot workshop and decide for yourself. At the workshop, our Senior Business Consultant and an IT4IT Architect will share their practical experience with you. Our specialists will provide a managerial overview of IT4IT, listen to your needs, and show you how they can be handled using the IT4IT recommendations. They will propose operating model and tooling modifications and turn them into a model roadmap.

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