BI Engineer

We are looking for a Power BI specialist. The portfolio to be managed includes SSAS, SSIS, SSRS and PowerBI, as well as some minor additional components of offered BI systems.
  • Architecture, Design and Engineering of the Microsoft BI stack
  • Devising a stable, highly available, secure, scalable, performing, maintainable/sustainable, cost-efficient and standards-compliant business intelligence and reporting platform offered to clients both, in an on-premise and Cloud-based version
  • Life-cycle management of the platforms/components of the BI stack and of related tools
  • Engages in research in all topics pertinent to the Microsoft BI technology stack and also wider IT developments
  • Directs provision of, maintenance of and improvement of the Microsoft BI platform (architecture, processes & procedures, implementation) based on stakeholder requirements
  • Creates concepts for operation and support of the platform, and engages in problem solving for this platform
  • Defines and drives monitoring, automation and self-service initiatives
  • Ensures quality documentation is in place (architecture, etc.)
  • Strives for efficiency, continuous service and cost improvements
Technical Skills:
Microsoft BI engineer/technology expert with focus on and experience in the related Microsoft technologies and components:
  • Expert knowledge of Microsoft BI technology stack (SSAS, SSRS, SSIS, SharePoint BI features, BI Clients, PowerBI) end to end
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft BI/MSBI concepts, architecture, engineering, implementation, usage and operations
  • Profound knowledge of business intelligence requirements and of BI solutions, mastery and deep knowledge of BI solution design and implementation, deep knowledge of standards and best practices in this area
  • Ability to quickly assimilate knowledge of new technologies and IT trends
  • 5+ years’ experience in Microsoft BI technologies
  • Sound understanding of MSSQL stack from end to end (including good understanding of DB design, MSSQL concepts and architecture)
  • Good understanding of Microsoft Cloud offerings (Azure)
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Windows platform is a plus
  • Service Management skills
  • Methodical and systematic approach towards gathering requirements, designing solutions, documentation and communication
Soft Skills :
  • Works at all times with integrity and can be trusted to behave to a high ethical standard
  • Good communication skills, good command of English, confident in presenting to mixed audiences, including higher management
  • Team player – acknowledges and appreciates each team member’s contribution
  • Strong customer orientation and understanding of customer requirements
  • Ability and willingness to obtain, use and share information, ideas and knowledge with others
  • Capability to manage stakeholders with heterogeneous or opposing requirements
  • Ability to accept and adapt to changes in objectives, priorities and new challenges
  • Result-oriented character
  • Capability to proactively anticipate issues and opportunities in advance
  • Experienced working with intercultural and geographically dispersed team members

Language Skills:

  • Very good English a must
  • Some German (desirable)
  • to work for modern Slovak company, who adhere philosophy of family company
  • to work for modern and flexible company with open and friendly atmosphere
  • opportunities for career growth – 90% of middle and top managerial team
  • events for you and your relatives as well loyalty program with many other rewards support in life situations (long-time sickness, children birth, etc.) and during your adaptation (temporary accommodation, internal tutor)
  • broad benefit scheme you can adjust to the own needs including: healthcare during the whole year, language education with the possibility for international certification or e-shop, full of interesting and useful stuff (mobile phones, sport clothes, …)