Don't let your data center hinder your business

A simple answer that sounds hyper complicated

Hyperconvergence means that originally separate IT infrastructure partscomputing, networking and data storage – are delivered as a single unit. In a legacy data center, servers, networking and storage devices are separate units that need to be reset and fine-tuned whenever there is a change. This sort of architecture complicates hardware management, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Deploying a new or expanding an existing data center in a few hours

Easier corporate IT management. The IT administrator’s life is made easier by unified management.

Easy integration with the existing IT environment

Easy like a building kit

Hyperconvergence isn’t that difficult as it sounds. It is easy like a building kit. Watch our video for more information.

Why Cisco HyperFlex?

The hybrid multicloud Cisco HyperFlex environment, which brings together all three originally separate IT infrastructure parts, provides three irresistible benefits.


The best of both worlds

Have you ever wished for a private data center that would be as flexible as an external cloud solution? Cisco HyperFlex will make this dream a reality.


Happier IT staff

Your IT staff will no longer have to spend nights at work due to lengthy expansions, integrations, and complicated data center management.


A healthier company

Being more flexible means being more viable. With Cisco HyperFlex, your IT will no longer hinder your business development. And this will ultimately be reflected in your bottom line.

Why Soitron?


Historically, Soitron’s business was based on computer networks. That is why even today we are the preferred partner in building even the most sophisticated enterprise network infrastructure.


We have our own service called Cloud Testing, allowing us to analyze the customer’s environment and identify potential pitfalls when transitioning to the cloud and integrating a private data center with cloud operator services.


With our Security Solutions Division and collaboration with multiple vendors, we can assess and design a data center to be both reliable and secure, which is especially important when connecting to a public cloud.


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