MEDIREX GROUP providing comprehensive laboratory diagnostics for healthcare facilities across Slovakia. Medirex provides services to hundreds of clinics,  hospitals and general and specialized outpatient departments. It operates the technologically most advanced and largest central laboratory in Slovakia and in Central Europe. Daily it tests samples from 7-10 thousand patients. It provides healthcare services through Malacky Hospital and SENIOR Geriatric Centre. MEDIREX GROUP ACADEMY is involved in health care science and research and education support.
Case study was published 15.08.2016


  • to modernize an outdated intranet to make it more userfriendly and allow authorized staff to publish information without a need for assistance from the IT department
  • to make the document management clearer and more effective
  • to improve meeting management allowing for easy searching of basic information about each meeting, but also keeping track of the agreed tasks and projects assigned to individuals or teams
  • to create an effective tool to support internal communication within the company allowing MEDIREX GROUP companies to build their corporate culture and share information from their lives


  • to create a portal based on Microsoft SharePoint platform supporting enterprise
    communication, collaboration and document sharing
  • to make use of the built-in features of SharePoint
  • to develop special tools and to adapt the system to meet customer’s specific needs


A vibrant portal kept up-to-date with the latest corporate news, event calendar and media monitoring

Clearer document management - it is always clear whether or not the document is valid, who and when modified it, who approved it, or what previous versions looked like

Streamlined and targeted content publishing to individual divisions or departments allowing searching for information and people, for instance based on their first name, last name, email address or extension number

An electronic invoice circulation and approval system

Improved meeting planning and creation of a tool allowing managers to see who is working on what task or project and what is their planned completion date

An effective reporting system with a reach to the lower management levels


Applications Business Unit Manager Soitronu

“We’ve demonstrated that not only we were able to fully utilize the builtin features of SharePoint, but also customize and fine-tune the system to meet customer’s specific requirements.